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 SwS Arthena

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PostSubject: SwS Arthena    Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:06 am

1 - Character Name:
2 - Class/lvl:
SwS - 0x
3 - Age:
4 - Timezone and Country:
GMT +1 , Czech Republic
5 - How many hours do you play a day?:
less in weekday (4-5) more on weekends (24/7)
6 - How long have you been playing L2 for?:
4 years maybe?
7 - Do you use Ventrilo and have a mic?:
i use TS, but its np to learn with VT, and yes i have mic
8 - Can you speak and understand English?:
like every normal person
9 - Previous clans and servers you've been on?:
The Abyss x3 (Insomnia, MagicStrike) - DE (czech server)
10 - Why do you want to join up with the Scorpions instead of the other big clans?
quality is better than quantity.
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King Of The Castle

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PostSubject: Re: SwS Arthena    Tue Mar 22, 2011 10:28 am

spoke with you already - BD it is!

see u on vent later.
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SwS Arthena
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